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We specialize in sophisticated techniques of innovation.


What Is An Innovation Technique?


Waiting For A Good Idea Is Not A Technique!


Innovation techniques produce more epiphanies
and get more out of each one


Engineered Awareness


Is a toolbox of creative Thinking tools

derived from machines, circuits, algorithms and logic


Don't just wait for an epiphany to happen
jump up and pull them down by the toenails!


Read what others have to say about Epiphanies and techniques for having them:

"While we can describe an epiphany, we don't know how to teach it or make it happen."
" - there is no process to teach how to get an epiphany. "- Steve Blank
"There is no magical prescription to actually achieve an epiphany" - CustomFitOnline
"One of the most damaging and pervasive myths of self-help is that of the epiphany" - Scott H Young
"Epiphanies are bullshit." - Ryan Holiday

People who don't have epiphanies often harbor animosity towards those that do
learning to have epiphanies Is A valuable Life Skill

Engineered Awareness

proudly presents Brain Snorting - the creative invention game that's taking the world by snort!



Crosseed Cards


Box of Booty






Part Game, All Toolbox, Brain Snorting is Tools With Rules

All the freedom of conventional brain storming, with the addition of Crosseed cards, a box full of desirable booty, and rubber dog toys that snort when you squeeze them. It's crazy and it works.
You choose the tools you want when you want them.

Brain Snorting produces many more quality ideas compared to ordinary brain storming



The Brain Snorting Kit contains all you need to run a brain snorting session:

  • 8 snorters
  • deck of crosseed cards
  • instructions and rules
  • folk eye / rock eye (whoopee cushion)
  • custom spreadsheet on usb stick