About Us


Engineered Awareness was founded by Dave Boyle in 2010. He has worked in the Film Industry as a prop, set and gadget designer/builder, in the Science Museum industry as an exhibit designer/builder, and as a free lance web designer, furniture maker, artistic carpenter and inventor. He is an experienced electronic hardware designer, software author from assembley to high level languages, carpenter and all around maker.

These experiences have involved him in hundreds of brain storming design sessions which is where he evolved The Way of Invention: a group of methods and techniques for boosting creativity. His creative techniques were earned the hard way: by struggle, bouncing back from mistakes and ultimately winning.

About This Web Site

Business oriented websites are expected to have a "professional look and feel." This is a signal to other businesses that they can be trusted because they know what's "right." It's also why most business web sites look flat and boring and have been scrubbed clean of anything too imaginative. That's the way it is, but things are not so simple and obvious when it comes to the creativity business.

How do you demonstrate your creativity when you (choose to) adhere to a bunch of cliche` conventions like pictures of light bulbs and pretty people grinning at you? Light bulbs are a poor metaphor for creativity, and pretty grinning people are as unconvincing as a laugh track. On this web site I have embedded creative ideas in the graphics and layout. I believe if you are shopping for someone creative then that should be visible.

Consulting business web sites are often plastered with references, testimonials and prior clients. That's because if other people have trusted them, then you can feel safe trusting them too. In a similar vein, consultants often list every bit of training they have ever had. Because if consultants have listened to other people who are qualified and learned what they know, then they must be qualified too.

Again this clashes with the idea of creativity. If all you know has been learned from others then where is the new and unique knowledge that you have come up with yourself? If you want to learn what others have to say then go and listen to them. I know what I know from my own realizations earned through hard work, and nobody else knows those things except me.