The Ecobuoy


The Ecobuoy is a machine that repairs the ocean. It's innovative in that it's purpose is to benefit all life forms and not just human. It's a place to work and live in residential housing. It is not a billionaire's paradise.

It boosts the production of coral on the sea bed using electrolysis. It can even transplant new, hardy corals grown in an underwater deck where an ideal maintained.

It filters, disinfects and oxygenates the water, It can boost the production of beneficial algae and halt the spread of toxic algae. It has different modes of operation that it switches between. Very much like liver cells.

It grows and transplants shore loving plants like mangrove forests.

It provides high quality habitat for fish, birds and animals.

It generates it's own electricity and uses a direct mechanical connection to create compressed air directly from wave energy. The compressed air is bubbled up from underwater to boost oxygen levels.

It contains work and living spaces for a new type of vocation: sea stewards. They maintain and operate the ecobuoy, and live off the production of it's sea farming.

It can deploy an ocean clean up machine to clear an area of plastic debris. It grows and harvests seafood for consumption of the workers and export.

Tourists can come and visit.

In polar areas it provides haul out space for large marine mammals when they want to take a break and get some sun.