eye Spread The Word


eye Spread The Word

is a social movement that consists of a web site, a button that you wear on your coat, and a vow that you swear to when you buy the button. The button shows an upside down world with an open eye rising above it like a sunrise. Everyone who buys the button must take the following vow:

I swear on the blood of my ancestors who gave their lives so that I could enjoy freedoms that I often take for granted and that I too rarely fight for, I do so swear that I will perform the following:

  • I will talk with every sort of person that I may meet, listen to their opinions and learn the lives they have lived
  • I will remember precisely and in every detail, their words and their identity
  • I will relate to others of the people I have met, and what they have thought, felt and said
  • I will not alter, bias or prejudice another's truth in any way
I do so swear!

The idea is to reroute the excess of current narcissism into the gift of listening to others with respect. Crossing over perceived external differences and seeing the human commonality that we all share. So people who have the button are members of the website where they can post about other peoples point of view. Not just their own.