As One Wood


How It Works

As One Wood is a local and fair economy based on the enduring value of solid wood. Every day tons of perfectly good construction wood and solid furniture wood is disposed of into the waste stream. It's such a waste! As One Wood is a social construct that rescues and recycles this valuable resource. It also rescues many aimless and disadvantaged people as well.

The Wood Bank

Sometimes furniture made from solid wood is broken or undesirable. If you look at a piece as failed furniture then it's worthless and goes in the garbage. But if you look at a piece as valuable solid wood that can be used in other projects then it should never go into the waste stream.

So the basis of As One Wood is a wood bank that stores solid wood furniture and construction waste in one place. It would be too expensive to hire and maintain trucks and workers to go out and get it so the plan is to make it worth while for other people to bring it to us. They get credit for the wood they bring in minus an amount necessary to maintain the operation.

So lets say someone brings in 100 pounds of solid cherry wood. That's a highly desirable hardwood so they get a credit for let's say, 90 pounds of some other hardwood like poplar, 80 pounds of softwood like pine or fir, and 70 pounds of plywood. These numbers are all just guesses, real numbers would have to be worked out. With their credit they can go and browse the collection and find something they feel is better suited to them.

The Workshop

With all that rescued wood in one place it's obvious to toss in a woodshop. A co-operative shop with many workstations. Woodworkers, artists and artisans can take up residence there and use the shared facilities to realize thier projects. Classes are given for those who wish to learn, and yearly shows are thrown to generate publicity.