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Ever seen a project run overtime? and over budget?

These things happen!

It's a cold and lonely place when you're stuck in the wilderness!
We are here to:
Rescue your Project

Inspire Your Creativity

Boost Your Innovation

And Save Your Butt!


Based on Solid Science

All of our material is based on solid science and logic. As well as empirical knowledge gained from studying inventions from the past like TRIZ. Plus our own unique synesthetic allegories, an Engineered Awareness exclusive. We don't rely on irrational faith, or dopamine-boosting fairy tales or hard-sell motivation and bullying. Our way of inventing is not for children or the weak minded. The price of sophistication is complexity at one level that leads to simplicity at higher levels.


The term "brainstorming" has become tarnished. In the past school teachers became creativity consultants and taught executives to play with plasticene, lego and finger paint. Motivational consultants called themselves innovators and taught people to throw random words in a hat, pick them out and make up dozens of ideas. Because somehow a large number of worthless ideas guarantees a few good ones. The word "brainstorm" is ripe for disruption. We don't hope and guess our clients will somehow become creative, we know they will because we know how it's done. We teach brainsnorting, a hilarious, effective and productive new form of group collaboration.


The Way of Invention

Having insights that lead to inventions is not something you drop into and out of while living a mindless life dedicated to aquiring shiny status things. You have to live it 24/7. We teach The Way Of Invention - a zen like discipline that emphasizes attention, morality, respect and humility. It starts with a unique form of mindfulness training optimized for inventors, moves on to building maturity and honesty and finishes with the most sophisticated techniques for juggling ideas. If you truly want to create meaningful solutions to today's problems and not just get rich quick by spitting out tommorrow's garbage, then The Way Of Invention is for you.

cTeam.jpgTeaming With Ideas

Once you have creative people then you need them to work together as a team. Going to special team building events is a lot of fun, but your team doesn't work on a dock in Muskoka or on a laser tag mini golf course running spoon in mouth egg races. Unless your business is really weird. You need your teams to work well together at the office, or wherever they work most of the time. The tiniest subtle details in the workspace will greatly affect your team's creative output. To have inspired moments of epiphany people need to feel safe.




Improvising comedy on the spot is an ideal demonstration of the inventive process. It demands all the essential skills: mindfulness, empathy, modeling, pulling the rabbit out of the hat, humility and respect. It gives back laughs and emotional tornados. Skilled inventors that practice comedy, are happy, hilarious and more inventive.

Here is (most of) our material - in a nutshell!



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